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Pottery Making

Pottery making at Creative Fun Studio is fun, especially for those who want to learn more about clay and how to make it into a pot so that you can actually use it for your own plainting. At our studio, we only offer this pottery making twice a month. We provide all materials for this class including the baking fee. 

We make it convenience for you as we ship your finished piece to your address once its done and ready. 

Don't miss out this extremely fun pottery making class and sign-up with us now!

For each step you go through, we have the instructor there to help you. 

Wear your casual clothing to the class so you can have more freedom to mess with the clay (it will get messy!)

If you want to make something else beside the pot, please contact us and let we know in advance so that we can get everything setup and ready for you

At our pottery workshop, we encourage you to be creative and have as much fun!

Sign up here and please let us know how can we help